How much does ceiling draping cost?   It depends on the size, ceiling height, and location of your venue.
Costs also vary if special equiptment is needed to install the draping (a lift for very high ceilings). Pricing is also determined by the complexity of the room layout or if colored fabric is requested.

Can we put up ceiling draping ourselves?  Grand Designs does not rent out our fabric. All prices for draping include delivery, installation of draping and lights, and removal of product after the conclusion of your event. We do offer D.I.Y. options for all other rental items.

Are there different chair covers to choose from? Yes, there are several sizes and types of chairs. We strongly suggest knowing the type of chair cover you'll need. If you opt for full service installation, we will make sure you have a perfect fitting cover!
We currently carry white, black, and ivory colored chair covers in a basic banquet, crown top, folding, and universal styles. Custom colors are available in all styles.